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Malaysia ESOS System (Employee Share Option Scheme)

Open Soft Systems(OSS) automates the Employee Share Options Schema(ESOS) process by providing a quick and easy to use tool to handle the Eligible, Offer, Acceptance, Exercise & Adjustment process.

Overview Process Flow
The process flows below depict an overview of the ESOS system.

ESOS System


Eligible process allow user to prepare eligible employee list easily. User only needs to click on the checkbox at the Eligible column to select eligible employees and then click on the “Save Eligible List” button. After the eligible selection, user can export the eligible list in excel file(csv format) for ESOS committee to decide options to be granted.

Offer process allow user to import the offer list(csv file) and print the offer letter. Offer Letter can save in multiple formats which include MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF & Excel.

Acceptance process allow user to capture the employee acceptance.

ESOS - Acceptance

Exercise process allow user to capture the ESOS exercised history.

Adjustment process allow user to adjust employee options. The adjustments usually happen during staff resign, forfeit due to discipline, or bonus for good performance staff.

ESOS- Adjustment

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